How I Got Started With Affiliate Marketing

Back in 2002, I decided to start my freelance writing career because I was in a situation where I wasn’t able to work. My husband at the time kept changing locations for his job and I was fresh out of college and felt as if I couldn’t really start my career. I always wanted to be a writer so I decided to go for it.

It wasn’t easy at first. I made $60 my first year and I originally targeted traditional publications. By the time 2005 hit, I realized that the Internet had opened up a lot of doors in terms of opportunities for writers to make money quickly.

By 2006, I realized that I was getting tired of “trading time for dollars”. With writing, you complete the work and get paid, and then you need to complete more work to get paid. I was in a cycle that I wanted to break but didn’t know how.

So, I joined the Warrior Forum and learned about something called “affiliate marketing.” I was intrigued, but trying to find information on the forum left me feeling overwhelmed. I knew I needed to buy a product to help me get started because finding the information myself was frustrating. How am I supposed to know which information is actually helpful if I have never done it before?

Somewhere in my quest for knowledge, I learned of someone named Rosalind Gardner who was making at least $5400,000 a year because of her affiliate business.

Wait, what?

I stared at the income claim in shock. I couldn’t believe someone out there was able to make that much money promoting other people’s products and I later learned that this particular income claim was fairly conservative.

Once I discovered that she wrote an eBook called the Super Affiliate Handbook, I purchased it right away. Right away I could see that she over delivered. It was comprehensive and extremely helpful. The guide was written in a way that a newbie like me could understand, and I am forever grateful that she put it together.

I am pleasantly surprised that it is still on the market and that it has been revised and updated for today’s affiliate marketing climate. A lot has changed online over the past decade, and some of the strategies in the original guide are out of date. Although I am no longer a beginner, I still find it helpful and refer back to it often. I have since obtained a copy of the most updated version.

If you are struggling as to how to start affiliate marketing, my advice is to pickup a guide like the Super Affiliate Handbook to follow. Sure, there are other programs out there, but many of these people charge¬†a lot of money on them. Rosalind’s techniques are easy to learn and follow and they are completely white hat, which means that you won’t get in trouble with the search engines. She also has a money back guarantee so there’s nothing to lose!

Learn how to start your affiliate marketing business right now. 

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