Use Professional Networks to Find Freelance Clients

It’s true that freelancers have the ability to work for themselves. They aren’t on someone else’s schedule. They choose how to spend they time. They can even sleep until noon if you want.

The one problem with freelancing is that it is all too easy to run out of work. This is frustrating. Have nothing to do as a freelancer can actually KILL your business.

One of the problems with looking for work is that it can be time consuming. Every now and then, though, I come across a little gem of an idea that doesn’t take too much time. Using professional networks such as LinkedIn to find work is one of these strategies.

Here’s more information on how you can use professional networks to help you find freelance work:

What Are Professional Networks Exactly?

Professional networks are so often overlooked when it comes to searching for potential clients. But these networks are valuable pieces of virtual landscape just waiting to be mined for clients.

LinkedIn is a large professional network that can be used to both promote your services and find clients that can use them.

Adjust Your Profile to Find Work

Your first step is to make sure your profile will help you find work as best as possible. Here’s what you need:

  • Professional photo. Have it done by a real photographer. Save the casual photos for friends, family, and Facebook.
  • List your profession. Make sure you put your official title underneath your name to show people what your skillset is.
  • Endorsements. Encourage that happy clients and customers endorse you on linkedin. These are like testimonials and will help you get even more work.
  • Hobbies. List any interesting hobbies you might have. This can help create common ground between you and your potential client or customer. People tend to buy from those they feel they can relate to.


Make Genuine Connections

Sure, you can organize your profile to find work. However, a little human interaction doesn’t hurt either.

Look for people who do what you do or who may end up hiring you. Look for something in their profile to comment on, and then message them with something unique to say.

For example, if they list that one of their hobbies is hiking and you love to hike as well, be sure to mention it if you are going to send them a message.

Your goal is to make connections with people in a genuine way. When people see that you are truly interested in them as people, they will be more likely to hire you.

When finding work, you want to use every tool at your disposal. Professional profiles like Linkedin can be a vital part of your strategy for finding work.

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