Start Your Online Business By Becoming a Ghost Writer

Any worthwhile method to make money online usually takes time to get started. There’s nothing wrong with this, in fact, if you are going to build your business the right way, it should take you some time to do it right. The problem with this is that you might need to earn some money while you wait.

This is the situation I was in back when I started my business over a decade ago. To make money, I decided to become a ghost writer and I know from experience that this is a great place to start.

Being a Writer Makes You a Better Online Business Owner

If you want to make money online these days, you need to either be a good writer or know how to hire good writers. Doing your own writing, at least at first, can really help cut costs. Even if you want to hire ghost writers to take care of your content, you need to have some idea of what good writing looks like. In other words, being a writer helps you become a better business owner.

How does writing make a difference in your business? Here are just few of the ways businesses utilize writing skills:

  • Blog or Website. Someone needs to write all the content for your blog or website and at first, that someone can be you. You’ll be a much better writer for your own website and blog content if you’ve already had a lot of experience doing this work for others.
  • Product Descriptions. If you have an eCommerce business, someone will need to write the product descriptions that will entice people to buy from you. This “someone” can be you if you have the skill.
  • Emails. Whether you send out a newsletter to your subscribers or you need to write a private communication, emails are an important part of any business. You’ll want to make sure your writing is up to par.
  • Products for Sale. Depending on the type of business you have, you might want to create your own products to sell. Whether you decide to sell original eBooks on your website, develop an online course, or self publish fiction on the Kindle publishing platform, someone will need to do all the writing. That someone can be you if you have the skill.
  • Social Media. These days, all businesses that have an online presence need to use social media. Someone needs to write all the posts!

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why businesses need writing. If you get your start as a freelance writer, you will already have developed the writing skills that are needed. Not only that, but having had experience as a writer will make it much easier to hire writers if you choose to have someone else do the writing work. Having had prior experience as a writer allows you to know how to spot a writer who can get the job done.

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